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All Skycentral's eStore features are activated via a simple menu, and most tasks are basic point and click operations.You don't need to know FTP,or HTML,or have any special computer knowledge.

If you can type with just one finger you can update your site, anytime, anywhere.

Skycentral creates the kind of Internet sites most businesses want, easy to move around in, easy to find and view products, and easy for the customer to contact your business or place orders.

Skycentral's eStore websites offer:

  • Secure order form(eStore Websites only)
  • Product lists
  • Home page
  • About Us page
  • Contact Us page
  • Site Search page
  • E-mail form
  • Forwarding of customer E-mail
  • Photo product listings pages
  • Easy editing of text and logos on all pages
  • Easy editing of navigation links
  • Easy updates of product description and prices
  • Easy customisation of form headings, text, colours and fonts
  • Automatic calculation of VAT.
  • User selection of currency
  • Password Protected access
Plus much more!

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